Nike Football – Bringing Fast to Life

In a world where teens rather play football on their Playstation than outside, it’s our job to get them to the pitch. After all, sometimes the grass actually is greener on the other side.

As a digital specialist at Nike Northern Europe, I was asked to create a Snapchat plan that gave FOT’s (Football Obsessed Teens) a unique and intimate look at the day-to-day training of Charly Musonda Jr., a past paced football phenomenon at Real Betis.

This resulted in an authentic Snapchat story that captured Charly’s most personal and intens football moments. From the morning rituals at home, the commute to the training ground, to the drills and camaraderie on pitch. We’ve captured a side of the game that usually happens off camera and inspired FOT’s to train faster than ever.

To get as many eyes as possible, we’ve announced Charly’s Snapchat story through the social channels of Charly Musonda Jr., Chelsea forward Eden Hazard, the Nike Football App and media partners like Joltter. Afterwards, the story was shared with media partners such as Voetbalzone and VoetbalPrimeur.


For this campaign, I’ve:

  • Worked with Sports Marketing to secure Charly’s availability.
  • Created a compelling Snapchat story that outlined the training moments through the lens of fast.
  • Created a detailed spreadsheet of each possible snap to ensure that copy, filters and emojis were on point.

Client: Nike Football

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