Your 50 Days of Green Happiness – Book Launch

You are what you eat. With this in mind, orthomolecular nutritionists Merel & Tessa founded The Green Happiness, a company that inspires Dutchies to eat healthier and have an positive impact on the environment and animal welfare. Through workshops, recipe books and personal nutrition advice, they’re taking the Netherlands by storm, turning meat lovers into veggie freaks in a fun and easy way. For the book launch of Your 50 Days of Green Happiness: Winter Edition, I’ve helped to raise awareness and drive conversion by switching things up a bit.


On the morning of the book release, we’ve stocked a typical Dutch bakfiets and surprised consumers by personally dropping the book off at their homes. This allowed us to capture their first reactions on the book and personal insights as to why they want to become a lean green healthy machine. The entire journey was published through Snapchat and Instagram Stories, which build realtime anticipation among the followers of The Green Happiness (77K) as Merel & Tessa could be at their doorstep any second.

For this activation, I’ve:

  • created the social strategy
  • created the concept
  • wrote the video and photography brief
  • wrote the social copy

Client: The Green Happiness

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